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Version 2.83 Known Issues


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This thread contains a collection of known issues in version 2.83 of the Pokémon TCG Online. These issues have been logged into the bug tracking database and will be resolved by the development team in order of severity.
If you have encountered an issue that does not appear in this thread, please report the it via the Report a Game Bug area of the forums, or the Pokémon Support Portal.

Sep. 9, 2021

  • Version 2.83 Known Issues posted

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  • Colress Machine (PLS #119): Colress Machine can be played by a player that already has 4 copies of Plasma Energy are in play and/or their discard pile.
  • Flygon (BCR #99): Sand Slammer triggers after Flygon is moved from the Bench to the Active Spot during Pokémon Checkup.
  • Flygon (BCR #99): The fly-by text for Sand Slammer is always displayed during Pokémon Checkup while Flygon is in play, regardless of whether Flygon is in the Active Spot.



  • An error may occur when attempting to uninstall the game via the Control Panel when installed in any language other than English. Running the Installer and selecting "Uninstall" will resolve the issue.
  • Mac users running macOS Big Sur may experience significant lag while playing a match.
  • The client's screen resolution resets to 1680x1050 between sessions for macOS Catalina users who are running the game in windowed mode.
  • The PC client uses more that the intended amount of system memory when logging out of and back into the game without first closing and relaunching the client.


Gameplay: General

  • Attack effects that allow extra Prize cards to be taken when a Pokémon is Knocked Out are blocked by effects that prevent the effects of attacks.
  • Some Abilities that prevent damage from attacks and/or effects of attacks generate flyby text containing the Ability's name in situations where that effect is not relevant.
  • The game log does not consistently show the amount of damage done by attacks with an effect that requires the attacking player to make a choice after doing damage.


Gameplay: Versus

  • Some players may not appear on the Leaderboards website despite having earned Versus points during the time frame selected.


Cards: Trading

  • Clicking on the dark blue background around the Collection Number text entry field in the Card Filters window causes that field to become disabled until the Reset button is clicked.
  • While an avatar item is equipped any additional, tradable copies of that item in the Collection cannot be included in a trade offer.
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