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Login/Connection Lost Issue


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So, it has been 3 days and I still cannot log into Pokemon TCG Online only because I keep getting the Connection Lost pop-up every time I attempt to log in. I have tried the following methods to see if it will fix the issue:

1. Closing Application and Restarting the Application (Failed)

2. Playing as a Guest and then Logging in (Failed because it takes forever, and still will not log in)

3. Uninstalling the Application and Restarting Application


To explain #2, I will play through the guest tutorial and then proceed to login but no success, literally I went to my Dentist Appointment and left my Laptop on to see "IF" when I come back that maybe my login attempt will be successful, this was not the case. What do I do?


Please help!! I'm confused, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, and furious. I don't understand this, my internet connection isn't experiencing issues, so I don't know why I'm getting the Connection Lost pop-up.

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