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The PokeBattleTournaments


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Hello I am Matthew, I am here with a new online tournament, that I have set up to allow competitve online members who wish to test out their dex a chance to do so.


Within the time that this thread remains active, I plan to have multiple tournaments, with points included similar to the real world. With the top 3 at the end of the season entered with me into two semi-final matches, then one final match to determine the seasons winner.


The Points:


We will start with 2 tournaments I call the 2 Battle Roads, the winner will have 12 points, 2nd place will have 8 points, the two 3rd placed competitors will have 6 points each. All others who enter will each have 1 point.


The Season Winner:


Will win a holo rare worth two packs minimun provided by me.


The Rules:


Were u to want to enter post here, then wait for my approval.


I will then once 15 people have entered, plan out round 1 of the tournament with the matchups.


No deck to enter the tournament is allowed to contain cards which have errors, so basically follow all the normal rules in a way that u would in a normal tournament.


Decks can be altered in between matches


When u win a match post here






Battle Road 1 Enterants: (No More can enter,unless someone pulls out or does not come within the next week )






A Wild Fox










Match Winners So Far:


Me-MattManahy69 (after match with?)


tyson01 (after match with monater humter)


hiddnen (after match with 20tornadus03)


AlexManectric (after match with?)


Monkeymot (after match with Raichu)


KidProdigy (after match with Metagross01)




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count me in... depending on the errors... example can u still stack rocky helmets and evoils or not? i havent tried i jsut new it was an issue.


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There are 6 tournaments


2 Battle Roads


2 Cities


1 National (the top 8 enterants)


1 World (me ,the top 3)




The Tournament Battle Road starts when we have 15 entrants




U are all added


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