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What do you think about my deck? Advises?


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Hi, Im new in pokemon tcg and I would like to know your opinions about my deck.


Greetings from Mexico!




4x Terrakion


2x Reshiram


2x Bouffalant


1x Tepig


1x Pignite


1x Emboar


1x Victini


1x Axew


1x Fraxure


1x Haxorus


1x Pansear


1x Simisear




3x Plus Power


2x Rocky Helmet


2x Switch


2x N


2x Revive


2x Professor Juniper


1x Max Potion


2x Potion


1x Great Ball


1x Cheren


1x Transceiver


1x Crushing Hammer


1x Interviewers questions


1x Pokemon Communication


1x Eviolite




10x Fire


10x Fighting


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honest opinion, it needs a lot of work. but thats much expected from a beginner, i know how it was. basic stuff like if your gunna have a line of something dont make it a 1-1-1 because you won't be able to effectively get it into play if its that thin and diluted. for example a 2-2-2 of your emboar line would be better. the haxorus line isnt a good idea because its just not a good poke and neither are axew or fraxure. terrakion and reshiram should do good, they're top tier pokes. you shouldn't need quite as much energy either, but for beginners its ok to have a little more. hope this helps :)


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Thanks on the advice with the emboar I already have 2 lines instead the haxorus line. With the energies what would be your advice? In thank you in advance.


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with emboar you will want more than average but still a bit less than that, and favouring fire over fighting. somewhere around 9 fire, 7 fighting i would think


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