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Legacy Control Deck, Weavile/Slowking/Sableye control.


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They used Weavile with devolution spray to continue to recycle and re-use the ability that discard a card from opponents hand, while repeatedly using sableye junk hunt to keep returning the devolution spray and crushing hammers to hand. Even more sick is the slowking that has the ability allowing you to look at the top 3 and re-arrange it however you want. With all these combined you hand lock your opponent and then win the game slowly. Disgusting really. Tried to copy the decklist but it was hidden. 

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Don't be fooled, in order to play the deck effectively you have to play 2-3 turns in advance and it's easy to fail if you mess up your memorization or get bad coin flips. It's really hard to pilot but pays off big time once you get the hang of it. Oh, and the usual suspect GenCel/ VirCel is a bad matchup if they find their Virizion or if they Turbo off round 1 or 2 while you're still building your board state. And Vileplume is its natural enemy but often quite slow so if you get your Garbodor first they're in for a bad time.


As for the decklist, I won't share my version of it because everyone has different preferences and I don't think mine is meta optimal but rather fit to shut off strategies I don't like my opponents playing. By that I also want to say that it's hard to build the deck "wrong".

70% of the cards are set in stone.

Auto-include Pokemon:

4x Sneasel (the 0 retreat one)

4x Weavile

4x Sableye

2x Slowpoke

2x Slowking


2x Trubbish

2x Garbodor (why not go all out control *

*** Mr. Mime (you should always use one if you have benched utility Pokemon)


As for Items:

Must haves:

4x Devolution Spray

1x Life Dew


Must haves with less than (up to) 4 copies:

Hypnotoxic Laser

Virbank City Gym

Crushing Hammer

Lost Remover

Level Ball


Junk Arm

Float Stone

Super Rod


Utility cards: (I'd run all of them, you decide on the number of copies)

Silver Mirror

Pokemon Catcher

Random Receiver


Then add around 8 Energies and 7-8 Draw Supporters (Juniper isn't as bad as you can get most cards back from discard).


The game plan is simple. Find your opponent's deck's weak points and ***** them. Never let them build up their strategy and if they do break it apart. Poison your opponent's Pokemon and then stall, stall, stall.


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