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[CARD BUG] Flygon's (BCR) Sand Slammer activates after Serperior's (DRX) Royal Heal


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Card: Flygon and Serperior
Card Numbers: Boundaries Cross #99 (Flygon), Black & White Promo #53 (Flygon), Black & White Promo #20 (Serperior), Black & White #6 (Serperior), Dragons Exalted #25 (Serperior)
Expected Action: Flygon's Sand Slammer ability should activate before Serperior's Royal Heal ability between turns.
Actual Action: Serperior's Royal Heal ability activates before Flygon's Sand Slammer ability between turns, even if there are more than one Serperior in play.
Steps to Reproduce: Player A has Flygon in play, Player B has a Serperior in play. If Player B's Pokemon has any damage on them, 10 damage is healed from each Pokemon and then Flygon's Sand Slammer places 1 damage counter on each of them. However, if Player B's Pokemon do not have any damage on them, Flygon's Sand Slammer places 1 damage counter on each of Player B's Pokemon and Royal Heal does not remove any of them (likely because it was checked before Flygon's ability).


Both Sand Slammer and Royal Heal say "At any time between turns". However, the PTCG Rulings Compendium says "In this situation, the player whose Pokemon are being affected gets to choose the order in which the abilities take place." The Serperior player's Pokemon are the ones that are being affected, so it makes sense to default the programming so that Serperior's ability activates after Flygon's.


This is really important in a popular Legacy deck involving Crustle (Boundaries Crossed #85) with the Sturdy ability, Reuniclus (Dragons Exalted #126) and Serperior, where you can fully heal off any amount of damage done to Crustle on your turn to always have sturdy activated. This bug allows Flygon to bypass Crustle's sturdy ability even when Serperior is in play.


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