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Have fun with Typhlosion & Friends!


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I am playing with this deck and it has been very fun though, I'm sharing this list for you also to play with.....


*********Pokemon TCG Online Deck List*********


******Pokemon******* (19)

Cyndaquil X4 (S&M Lost Thunder)

Quilava X3 (S&M Lost Thunder)

Typhlosion X2 (S&M Lost Thunder)

Typhlosion X2(S&M Promo)

Houndoom V X1 (SWSH Darkness Ablaze)

Sizzlipede X4 (SWSH Battle Styles)

Centiskorch X3 (SWSH Battle Styles)


*******Trainers****** (26)

Fire Crystal X2

Welder X3

Quick Ball X4

Rare Candy X3

Evolution Inscence X2

Prof. Research (Magnolia) X4

Cynthia X3

Rescue Scarf X2

Burning Scarf X2


*******Energy****** (***

Fire Energy X15


This deck doesn't have much stamina to with stand attack but not talking about battling it's loads of fun. Pls try.....


Attack:- 4/5

Defence:- 3/5

Spl.Con:- 4.5/5

Speed (Getting into play):- 4/5

Defence:- 2.5/5


Another Tip:-

You may decrease some energy and add Giant Hearth and replace Fire Crystal with Prof.'s letter.




Hope you'll have fun with this deck! 

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All you need to do is get the Lost Thunder Typhlosion or Houndoom V in absence of it. The S&M Promo Typhlosion can be used to accelerate energy using exploder. It can also be an attacker when Centiskorch is in the bench. Centiskorch can be used as the final attacker.

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