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Ilucid's trade topic


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Welcome to my trade topic! I've got some nice stuff for trade like Serperior, Machamp, Eelektrik and a Max Potion.


Also a lot of useless stuff for which I'll only ask useless stuff in return :)


But just for the fun of trading I've included those as well.




Stuff for trade (sorted on type):




Maractus x4


Pansage x1


Parasect x1


Lilligant (Bemusing Aroma + Windmill versions) x2


Servine x2


Serperior (1 with ability) x3


Magby x1


Tepig x2


Psyduck x2


Oshawott x1


Simipour x1


Eelektrik x1


Eelektross x1


Beheeyem x1


Sigilyph x3


Solosis x1


Trubbish x2


Venipede x3


Whirlipede x1


Scolipede x1


Koffing x1


Woobat x1


Drilbur x1


Golurk x2


Hariyama x1


Machop x2


Machoke x1


Machamp x2


Marowak x2


Roggenrola x3


Gigalith (1x 150 hp, 3x 140 hp) x4


Sandile x2


Krokorok x3


Sawk x2


Cobalion (Sacred Sword version, not sure if I'll trade this) x1


Beldum x1


Metang x1


Ferroseed x1


Ferrothorn x2


Klink x4


Klang x1


Pawniard x1


Pidove x2


Tranquill x1


Zangoose x1




Special Metal Energy x1




Bill x2


Copycat x2


Max Potion x1


Super Scoop Up x1


Full Heal x1


Flower Shop Lady x1




Looking for:


Accelgor x2


Swinub x3


Rufflet x1


Braviary x2


Pokemon Communication x2


Double Colourless Energy x2


Karrablast x2


Escavalier x2


Sunkern x2


Sunflora x2


Virizion (any version) x1


Anything else you think I should have and makes a great offer.






A few more things:


- I prefer trading cards for cards.


- I don't have any packs atm.


- I might decide not to trade something even if the offer's nice, just because I've obtained new cards and can suddenly use others in a deck.


- I'm also not online everyday, so please be patient!


- I dislike Pokecatcher a lot, I know it's part of the game but the card's so broken and annoying in my opinion so please don't offer that :)




That's all, make an offer if you want to :)




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Braviary, Rufflet x2 (of each kind), Sunkern x2, Sunflora


for your


FLower shop lady, special metal, and eeletrik




itd be in binder or on public offer.


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I believe I have a rufflet and 2x sunkern, you can have for free if I do. Also I may have a karrablast you can have, I'll check after maintenance is finished.


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Hi! I have a 2-2 Escavlier and 2x Poke Communication (1 from HG and 1 from BW).


If possible, I'd like the 2x DCE (but I don't think you'd trade for that :P)


If not, then I'd like to trade those for the 1 Super Scoop Up and 4x Maractus (I figure: 4x Maractus for 2-2 Escavlier and 2x Poke Communication for 1 Super Scoop Up... that seems like I'm getting jipped but oh well :) I'm kind.)


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@Defiance: That would be very sweet, thanks :)




@trainertepig57: That's fine, I don't need Tepig so trade for anything you want. Just make an offer.




@Daykora75: Haha, I'm actually searching for DCE as well, I don't have any yet.


2x Poke Communication for 1 Super Scoop Up would be very nice.


The Maractus isn't the rare version with Constant Rattle (I think that's what that attack's called?), but the one with Mega Drain and Pin Missle, so I don't know if you really want to do that?


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Hi I am new and that trainertepig57 has been banned from this website from now on so i take the tepig for him please?






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