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[PTCGO GUIDE] --- A List of Guides


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GUIDE -Deck Building (For beginners) 

Basic concepts, detail guides and step by step, what you should do, what you should know, when you want to start building your own deck.


Using Starting Cards, Theme Decks and Ladder Rewards to Build Decks

Useful cards that we already have or easily get from Theme decks.


[PTCGO GUIDE] --- List of Trainer Cards in Theme Decks

Useful Trainer Cards that can be found in theme decks.


[PTCG GUIDE] --- TACTICS: Fundamental of Game Strategy

Collection of Tactics within the game. Which you can combined them to create core/support strategy for your deck.


[PTCG GUIDE] --- TACTICS: Basic Combo to Get Your Extra Energy

Collection of basic in-game known combo for extra energy. 


[PTCGO GUIDE] --- TIPS: For Rookie Trainers

Useful tips for rookie trainers to make your in-game life easier and avoid mistakes.


Why do you lose? Chapter 2 – If it bleeds, we can kill it

Philosophy and Fundamental knowledge.


RNG Experiment: Attack Coinflips

Explanation on Random Number Generator i.e. how the coin flip.


GUIDE for *Legacy Decks* - Staples and Important Cards

Advance guide intended for "LEGACY" format, but includes card from other formats too.


PTCGO Guide Deck Breakdown: Why decks work the way they do

Explaining the strategy an synergy within some known interesting deck.


A Guide to Public and Private Trading!

Understand how to use trading system.


PTCGO In-Game Chat Icons List

Code tag for the in-game icons, you can use them in chat and in search too.


Pokémon TCG Online Forums Rules

Need to know Forum rules


Posting deck with link to Pokémon database 

Generate Card links for your Export Deck


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