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Freze's Trading Thread


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I'm only interested in cards so DO NOT offer packs. I can offer packs for these cards sometimes. AT THE MOMENT I HAVE NO PACKS!




My wants:




3x Magnezone PrimeTM


1x Zekrom BW








Primes/Legends/Full Arts/etc.:




3x Typhlosion Prime


1x Feraligatr Prime


1x Lugia Legend Top Half




Playable pokemon:




4x Durant NV


1x Tyrogue HGSS


1x Cleffa HGSS


1x Blastoise UL




Playable T/S/S:




2x Potion


2x Crushing Hammer


4x Dual Ball


4x Engineer's Adjustments


1x Eviolite


1x Fisherman


2x Lost Remover


1x PlusPower


1x Pokemon Communication


1x Pokemon Reversal


3x Revive


1x Switch


3x Twins




Offers only for wants. Thank you. :]


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I suppose I could do this.






Typhlosion Prime (worth about 4-5 packs)




For your:




thunderus ep


2 free retreat tynamo


4 magnimite


2 magneton




It is pretty even so will this go?


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i got the eelektriks and tynamos, for typhlosion or gatr?


typho for my nv pack traded my amph prime already sorry but is this one ok?


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@ tyranitar20




3 Eelektrik and 2 40HP Tynamo for Feraligatr? Ok.








NV Terrakion for FA Reshiram? Ok.












I'll be online for like the next 6 hours. Post to this thread when your online and ready to trade. :]


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