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primes for packs or other primes


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i am looking to trade my primes and i will only accept trades i like, the primes i am trading are:


Machamp Prime: (2 packs) (2 in stock)


steelix prime: (1.5 packs) (1 in stock)


Donphan prime: (4 packs) (1 in stock)


Gengar Prime:(2 packs)(2 in stock)


Meganium Prime:(1 pack) (1 in stock)


PDL Full:(3-4 packs)(1 in stock)


SEL Top:(1-2 packs)(1 in stock)


LL Full:(3-4 packs) (1 in stock)


DCL Top: (1-2 packs)(1 in stock)


DCE: (2 packs) (2 in stock)


Pokemon Collector: (2 packs) (1 in stock)


FA Zekrom:(3 packs)(1 in stock)


FA Fliptini (3packs)(1 in stock)


FA Terrakion (3packs)(1 in stock)


FA Virizion (3 packs)(1 in stock)


FP Zoroark: (1 pack)(1 in stock)


7 ND packs: (when they come out)


at the moment i am looking for stuff like: Packs, Zone and other primes


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