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[PTCGO GUIDE] --- TIPS: For Rookie Trainers

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Getting free card/booster


- Doing Ladder

When you play Versus match, you will get Ladder Points. The reward include boosters, chests and cards. They reset every 3 weeks.


- Trainer Challenge

The most recommended way for everyone, ironically, I didn't do it, so Chasista have better knowledge, and I use it without permission, but I know he doesn't mind 😁.




Even if boring, do the whole Trainers challenge. For the 4th star you'll need a Theme from in game shop (500 coins). All 36 trainers at 3 stars are 504 coins rewarded. Additionally you can try to accelerate the process in Theme PvP with Mental might (two first steps of the Ladder are 75 coins for 3 wins, + the 2 gift box for daily wins in which the most common is 25 tokens or 1 Tournament ticket or 50 tokens) and change to a Theme in the moment you can get it. Do also all the 4th star Trainers challenge with the Theme. Open all the  ~48 locked packs rewarded.


Then, play PvP Theme to grind the ladder and get more Theme decks while obtaining game rewards. Forget the Events until you're prepared.


Recommended Theme (no particular order)

- Charizard

- Relentless flame

- Unseen depths

- Laser focus

- Soaring storm

- Daily Challenge

At certain level, you will start getting a 16-KO challenge which reward a "TRADEABLE" Booster pack. "DO NOT OPEN IT", you can get better card trading it in market. You can get 1 new challenge everyday, and maximum 3 challenges at the time. If there any challenge, you don't want to finish, you can delete them open space for another new one.


- Login Daily

Every 5 days, you get a booster as a reward.


- Forum

English - Pokémon TCG Online Forums

Under In-Game Item Exchange - Pokémon TCG Online Forums, There always people kindly sharing free code event or giving free code themselves.

Under Other Pokémon Topics - Pokémon TCG Online Forums. Once in a while, there are MOD Event that you can get free Booster as reward.

They are always limited amount, so be sure to check the forum regularly so you won't miss your chance.


* Why some Cards have to be Trade-locked?


Otakuron :

Except, if they did away with trade-locked goodies you wouldn't have "goood pokemon" to trade.  The only reason they're so generous with trade-locked stuff is for that reason: you can't trade it.  Make it all tradable, and expect the Reward Ladder to be radically restructured, Daily Log In Bonuses to be far less substantial, etc.


The game gives us a lot of free items to help Free players improve their collection without paying. If those cards are trade-able, the problem with multi-account farmers and economic inflation will follow.

Deck Building


- For a Free-to-Play, Expanded Format deck is probably cheaper and easier to build, compare to Standard.

To get a better detail read this The purpose of standard decks and how to go about building them? - Deck Construction - Pokémon TCG Online Forums.

- This game highly focus on the uses of Trainer cards (with exception of some unique decks).

Ratio of Pokémon-Trainer-Energy for most decks are around 15-30-15. Read bunny's guide for more detail Deck Building Guide (For beginners) - Work in Progress -May 3 - Deck Construction - Pokémon TCG Online Forums


- You need at least 1 basic Pokémon in your deck. But with only 1, your mulligan can be very high.
The highest number I have seen was 55, but usually its under 10.


- For most deck, 15 Energy is more than enough, some deck may have only 6-7 energy cards. If you have trouble getting Energy, try using trainer cards before keep adding more energy to your deck.

[PTCG GUIDE] --- TACTICS: Basic Combo to Get Your Extra Energy - Deck Construction - Pokémon TCG Online Forums



Game Strategy


- Think of your opponent next move before playing yours

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles - Sun Tzu"
At least think about something as simple as "is he/she going to attack and do XXX damage?". 
You may not know which cards are in opponent hand, but with more experience you may be able to aware 
what might be coming.


- Do not attach unnecessary cards to a dying Pokémon
If your Pokémon is going to die on your opponent turn, you will waste those cards for nothings. 


- Do not Hammer or use any cards on your opponent dying Pokémon
If your attack is enough to kill opponent Pokémon and you going to do it. Do not waste your cards on 
that Pokémon for nothings, better keep them for when it counts.


- Do not give your opponent a winning chance by putting unnecessary Pokémon into play
Most competitive decks have at least 2 "Boss's Order" if not 4. If he/she can KO that Pokémon to win the match, then you just gave your win to your opponent.


- Do not use "Item" card to get other cards to your hand until you need them
If your opponent use card like "Marnie" or "N" then you wasted that item card for nothings. Unlike 
"Supporter" Card that we can only use one per turn, so there is no need to rush to use "Item" card.


- Think before use your Stadium
The "Stadium" card will be discarded when any trainer play another "Stadium", so if you use it too 
early, you might not be able to use its effect before your opponent replace it with another "Stadium", 
with exception of "Chaotic Swell".


Game Mechanics


- Move away from Active Spot will reset Effects on Pokémon.
"Poison" "Confused" "Cannot attack" etc. if it not continuous effect from other in-play cards, they 
will be gone when you move back to Bench, then you can move your Pokémon back to Active spot without 
worry of those effect.

Note: there some Stadium/Ability that can prevent this like "Dust Island" or "Muk <Poison Sacs>"


- If your opponent do Mulligans, you don't have to draw all of those cards.
Before your first turn, you have 47 cards in your deck. If your opponent run a high mulligan deck 
then you draw them all 47 cards, you lost immediately on your first turn. So be sure to check the number 
before click your mouse.





- Cards from 'TRADE-LOCKED' booster/chest are also trade-locked
We can get several boosters/chests from challenge, shop, ladder etc. Usually they are trade-locked and 
cards from them are also trade-locked and they cannot be unlocked (don't waste your time ranting or asking 
to get them unlocked, only way I know possible is take the matter to court).


- You can get UNLOCKED boosters/chests/cards from .....
1. Buying Paper Format or get/buy Code from those who buy paper format but didn't use the code.
2. Playing in "Tournament", the reward are UNLOCKED
3. 16 KO Daily Challenge


- UNLOCKED boosters and chest are sort of Currency in-game
It may not easy to settle a card-to-card trade. So we use UNLOCKED boosters as a currency.


- DON'T rush to open your UNLOCKED booster/chest for a good card
It usually cheaper and easier to trade UNLOCKED booster for cards  you want.


- Confirm the content before 'ACCEPT' trade offer.
Some (Pokémon) cards have many versions but with the same name. There value might be varied depend on
the version. So be sure you are getting the card you want.


- Check 'MARKET PRICE' before making decision.
Price guide on internet usually for Paper format, and those for Online format are not up-to-date and unreliable. The 
best thing to do is looking into the Market (Public Offer). Since there is only one market place, it is easy to compare





- There is a hidden Ranking System
Usually the matching system will try to pairing you with a trainer of your similar rank. So, if your account is 
relatively new, your opponent usually be a rookie or a trainer from low rank. But since the information about 
ranking and matching system never be disclosed, it is unclear on how they actually work.


- Though at a rookie period, your opponent can still be so strong
There are many reasons why your opponent seem so strong or having far better deck. First of all, trainers can get 
in-game cards by buying paper version packs. So an online rookie with real cards can have plenty of cards in their
collections, unlike an online-only trainer that have to earn cards from playing and winning lot of games. Also, if
there is no trainer around your rank available, the system may match you against stronger/weaker rank to reduce your 
waiting time.


- If your ranking is still low, in Standard/Expanded format, "Tournament" opponents can be a lot stronger than in "Versus" 
In "Versus" mode, the system seem to match you against trainer about your level, but in "Tournament" it seem the 
system pool everyone together.


- If your don't have enough cards to build strong deck, better play "Theme" format in tournament
Since "Tournament" seem to put everyone together, more likely you will face strong deck. But with "Theme" format, 
everyone have equal choice in choosing their deck.


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