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Stats for daily vs and tourney play not showing on leaderboard !

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So I have been playing a ton over the past few months plenty of wins. However. The leaderboards say I have no history? Anyone else experience this ? I have looked through settings and my acc in open. Idk what else to do. Any help would be great. Thanks 

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Sorry to have to tell you the Leaderboard is trash.


I never check because, who cares, I do my own, I enjoy the game, get my rewards... Even if I would be the world's #1, I win absolutely nothing with it.


But I just checked for curiosity to tell you something and 1st, Spain is now located in Caribbean/Latin America, according to the Leaderboard. Well done pokémon.


And second, I have no points in VS Expanded nor Theme this month nor the last. I'm at 1700 in ladder so something I have won, right?


The leaderboard never worked properly. Also, shows who played more games, that's all. Not who won more in total or who had the best W/L ratio... just who played the more. Completely useless feature. If I was you I'd forget it but if you want to know more, message to support and tell them: https://support.pokemon.com/


Hopefully they remove the whole thing to change it for a Ranking a ton of people wants but if not, even no feature would be better than the leaderboard LOL



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