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random cards for cheap


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these are going to all be for packs or for valued cards all prices will be derivitives of real prices divided by 4 using toad and troll so check your prices there if you want i will create a credit system for cards that are in decimals




masterhaxxer is my user check my binder for things you want if you need commons and uncommons once again just use troll and toad before sending offers for example




if you want absol prime and the real life price is 4.00 the price online would be one booster i accept any boosters and will value cards less and less the more cards you want




at 10 rares divide the prices by 5


and maybe farther down if the trade seems fair for both partys the reason for the /4 is because of the prices for boosters is roughly 4 dollars and a booster code at store price is roughly 1.00 (50. if you look around)




also be willing to haggle i am very open about prices i do not want to *profit* off of anyone most people online in the public section are trying to rip you off and the more cards i get the more i would like to help remedy such a thing




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