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Energy Accelerator Compendium -


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This could be of use to deck builders. Let's list the ways to accelerate energy by type whether it's Pokemon, Supporters, Item, Stadium, etc

I'll start with a couple of fire methods.


Please help out an contribute to the list!


Fire energy accelerating Supporters

 Welder UNB 189

The Masked Royal CES 139
Kiawe BUS 116
Blacksmith FLF 88


Here is a list of some fire accelerating Pokemon. I did not include Pokemon that only accelerate energy onto themselves.

Reshiram ROS 63

Entei AOR 14
Houndoom-EX BKT 21
Reshiram-GX DRM 11
Torkoal CES 29
Turtonator-GX GRI 131
Victini PR-XY 117
Volcanion STS 25
Volcanion PR-SM 179
Alolan Marowak CIN 12
Arcanine EVO 18
Darmanitan DRM 9
Flareon-GX PR-SM 171
Simisear BUS 23
Team Magma's Camerupt DCR 2
Blaziken PRC 28
Blaziken DRM 6
Typhlosion PR-SM 185
Victini VMAX BST 22
Delphox BREAK FCO 14




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asking for contributions to list
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Trainer -Supporter -Bede  allows 1 basic energy attachment from hand to a benched pokemon.

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Ether + Oranguru SUM is an easy to get combo that doesn't require a supporter for turn and fits into almost any deck. Same to be said with Max Elixir.


There are also a bunch of energy accelerating Pokemon for different types:

Grass- Cherrim BST (Only to non Rule Box)

Water- Frosmoth SSH, Blastoise PLB/TEU

Lightning- Magnezone FLI/BKT

Darkness- Hydreigon DAA

Metal- Magnezone UPR


I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I just thought of on the spot.

Hope this helps!

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