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Several XY era packs have 2 versions of 5 Card packs, 1 has 10 cards

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 I learned the hard way there are two 5 card packs for base XY ( and a fee other sets)  but 1 has 10 cards listed at the bottom of the booster, and not 5, contradicting the box saying "5 cards" in the top left of the booster.


Is this error an actual thing? I just traded away like 15 Battle Styles for 5 card pack XY base to satisfy another trade out on the list that basically would have given me everything I've been missing, but he was actually looking for the "5 Card"/10 card bottom pack. That sucked and I feel duped. Anyway we can clear this up?

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Don't know how far this is a bug but just found it messing around the market, this is being used to EXPLOIT the market and scam a lot of people.


It look ultraweird getting some gold Secret rare cards just in exchange of a 5 cards pack, from XY era! Highly suspicious!


I checked the opposite filtering 5 card packs from XY and from Phantom forces and these (and other) are NOT THE SAME 5 cards pack.


What they do is offer a ton of Secret rare cards asking for just one 5 cards pack.


People sees the crazy opportunity and decides to get some 5 card pack to easily get all that gold.


The same people offering the gold, have trades giving a 5 cards pack, asking for 15 BST packs, Urshifu V, Dedenne GX, Mew 3, SR Quick ball (this is +100 packs value). It's expensive but hey, you're going to get all that gold (more than a Dedenne value by far) so people trades and falls in the scam, giving 20 (or 100s) of value in cards to get a nasty 5 cards pack worthing NOTHING.


I also see some ways to get both 5-5 cards packs and 5-10 cards packs. Don't know if this could be used to get profit from the scammers but it's so big mess that I'm not even going to try. I don't trust the system right now.


Trades are free, I can ask for 5 SR ultra ball in exchange of a Common pokémon. Is my choice (and I should loose my tokens). But once they use a miscue/bug of the game to scam other users, this is called EXPLOIT. some bans should apply from this.




@Mod_Turtle @TPCi_Mathis @TPCi_Samhayne @Mod_GuruLot @Mod_Dew @Mod_RedDragon   This is serious, may ruin a lot of people accounts. Thank you for pass it along to proper channels to investigate. Needs a fast solution. Thank you.

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