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What would be the ratio for Uncommon Chests to the most recent booster packs?


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I'm really sorry if this is already clearly answered somewhere - I did find this thread (https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/74281-ptcgo-price-guide-up-to-date-gxs-vs-secret-rare-trainers-energy/) and from that one I'd gather it's about 5-to-1. But since it's aged a good bit I wanted to ask anywhere before trading my boosters away.


I'm asking because I generally prefer playing in expanded with decks built around more niche strategies, and generally those cards are quite cheap. And I've found the Chests more easily to trade with in public than just adding a lot of different cards for a booster pack and hoping someone wishing to trade has them all available. :)


Thanks for your time!


EDIT: linked the wrong thing lol whoopsiez

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Historically around 0.20


I couldn't say it's more now or it's less, for uncommon chests.


In the past the chests worth "nothing" (kind of 0.10) but then they started to pull EX, GX, FAs, Reverse rares and so, so the perception of the value increased.


Kept low for the obvious reason they give just 1 card and the odds to be a good one are statistically insignificant based on a pool of +5k cards available but not a lot being highly desirable in comparison, yet often give a lot of reverses, based of what I've seen.


Mathematically should be 0.10 or lower, 10 are needed to get same of a 10 cards pack, if all cards were from the most recent expansion (which is not, that's why I stated "or lower" as older packs are lower value). But the fact of being, like sealed packs, an opportunity for any card, make it somehow desirable countering the maths calculations.


I wouldn't say 0.10 and I've seen 2 or 3 chests changed for a pack, but I don't think it's very common so at least 4 or 5 of them for a pack would be usually needed, if not more.


An old Trading company in forums accepted up to 8 chests maximum to cover a value of 1 or 2 in transactions. Not very helpful to don't remember the right value tho, d'oh!


In the market, as an addition over any other offering plane packs, they are not but they can look like 0.5 (in: the packs + something else). However chests worth more than adding a random pokémon or a regular energy and people will accept 2 packs and a chest over 2 packs and an energy.


I wouldn't say trading just chests for packs is as common as to track exact values for chests or even a business that works. That said, I feel it's not as important to set an exact value for the chests as to know how to use it to get advantage in the trades over the rest of people, whatever they actually worth in ratio.


If you ask me about the ratio tho, I'd say 0.20 to 0.25 in perception might be accepted by the majority of the community, although trading a pack for 5 chests doesn't give the same amount of cards, the opportunity of a Rare in each one instead of just 1 rare (the pack) might worth the risk.



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