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Battle Styles Decks and future value


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Like in many other games, new booster packs (Battle Styles, in the case of PTCG) currently have a high value. It seems clear to me that the value will shrink over time. I just got into PTCGO and am not sure what kind of deck I want to build in the future. I do, however, have a bunch of booster packs and would like to trade those away while the demand is still very high. Can anybody give me some pointers as to what I could trade those for? I am reading as much as I can about different decks that I could build, but all the information is quite a bit overwhelming. Are there any cards/items that I should be looking to trade for my BS boosters now in order to preserve value as much as possible? Or: Are there any cards out there that any player should have, because they are just "that strong" and will fit into many top end decks?

I know, those are very open questions. I am having a tough time going through all the information I can find and figuring out what I want to do.

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Yes, I think the battle styles will fall as well. Some suggestions for booster packs are:

Sword and Shield(High value as Zacian V and Zamazenta V are all in there)

Darkness Ablaze(Eternatus V/Vmax and Crobat V should be very expensive right now)

Champion's Path, Comic Eclipse, and Sun&Moon Team Up are all not bad.


For me, I want to get(extremely expensive but also extremely good):

-Zacian V

-Zamazanta V

-Pikachu & Zekrom GX

Power cards I have that I think are worth it(get it if you have some good offers):

-Eevee V/Vmax

-Aegislash V/Vmax

Galarian Darmanitan V/Vmax

Power cards I have that are expensive but that aren't as important(so no need to get them urgently):

-Ditto V/Vmax

-Charizard V/Vmax

-Lapras V/Vmax


It is controversial about what deck is the best, because some basic 70HP cards could deal more than 300 damage if used well, so you might not even want those high HP cards. Hope this helps!

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