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Looking to get back into PTCG could use help with my budget deck


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I've never been one to simply choose the most popular budget deck, I like to innovate.   

However this deck idea has a few rough edges I could use help with. Like dealing with Galarian Obstagoon.

Anyway here is the deck list. obviously later down the line, when I got the budget, I plan to add other popular support pokemon.




4:   Drampa(Comsmic Eclipes)
2:   Galarian Sirfetch’d V
1:   Buzzwole(sledgehammer/Yellow A Alternate)
4:   Jarachi(Stelar Wish/Team Up)

1: Galar Zigzagoon



4: lightning(chosen randomly)
11: fighting


Trainers * 34


3: Dragonium Z: Dragon Claw
2: Air Ballon


4: Martial Arts Dojo



4: N's Resolve
2: Bea
2: Marnie
2: Bosses Orders
1: Professor's Research



3-  Scoop Net

2:Ordinary Rod
4:quick ball



The strategy is, using N or Bea, attack with Sirfetch’d turn 1 with any luck.



IMO Drampa feels very overlooked. though I guess it would be hard to make work without N 


Drampa isn't there just to pass on the energies. it's also my secondary attacker.

for 3 colorless it can deal 140 damage so long as I have 2 different types of energies , 150/180 if the dojo stadium is in play. 

Or alternatively use Dragonium Z to deal 240+ damage, 320+ if I discard 4 energies. 


also buzzwole can potentially do 120 for 1 fighting so I added 1 copy.


Anyway thank in advance for any feedback.


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