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Hi all Alpha King Alex here, I am opening a new thread here and believe me, this thread will be the best of all my threads. Here are some reaisons why my thread is going to be the best.



[*]I take any card or pack there is as long as they reach the cost of what im giving you;

[*]I offer low prices to start the offer;

[*]Anybody may counter offer so it is more like a bid;

[*]I will be adding more cards and items on the market so the shop gets bigger;

[*]I check this thread when ever im awake so it will be replied to almost instantly;


Now here are all the cards that are currently on the market:


1x Tepig


1x Pignite


1x Heatmor


1x Oshawott


1x Tympole


1x Snivy


1x Elgyem


1x Litwick


1x Solosis


1x Karrablast


1x Bisharp




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