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[PC] Other - property.USER_PROFILE Problem : Try this solution!


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Hi, I had this problem months ago in my Windows PC and I couldn't solve it. This was very bad and then one day it started working right after a month. 

Now it happened again and I tried all the workarounds, this is creating a new Admin and unistall, installing clicking the "change" button... it didn't work.


The problem is when I was tryin to login it said "We couldn't connect to the servers" or something (I use Spanish version).


 So this is what worked for me: I unistalled the game, then I downloaded "CCleaner" software from the official site, then I ran CCleaner and run: "Custom Clean >> Analyze >> Run Cleaner"


and finally "Registry > Scan for Issues > Fix selected items".


Then I installed PTCGO and it logged well. So I hope this work for you and for me again if the problem appears again.


Thanks all, I hope it helps, sorry for my english.


Good luck!! 

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