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How about some Events?


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Ok, so I know there is an "Events" tab but I don't think Tournaments should be considered a game tournament, I'm also a but iffy to call them tournaments because an 8/4 player single-elimination is not much of a competitive format. 


I really think PTCGO has so much potential. I want to play more definitely, but there's little to no reason to play after the 10 game win ladder and the seasonal ladder. 


I believe without changing the game or adding too much, PTCGO can hold "Fun" events! This can also become a good chance to reintroduce older Pokémon Cards and Card packs to the game in a fun way. Here's one of my ideas.  


Red's Challenge 

Pitch: Pokémon Trainer Red has appeared in Pokémon Trading Card Game Online! Battle him and win amazing prizes! 


Possible rewards:

1. PokeCoins (A substantial amount). 

2. Base Set 1 card packs. 

3. Pokémon Trainer Red's Costume Pieces. 


Pokémon Trainer Red will appear under the Events tab, or perhaps a separate Events tab to replace the tutorial tab which is near pointless, and will include a separate ladder, as well as additional daily missions that give rewards with regards to the possible rewards outlined. The daily missions are not random and are separate from the daily challenges, providing set rewards. 


The ladder will be either harder or easier than the seasonal ladder, or the seasonal ladder will be lengthened to compensate. 


Pokémon Trainer Red will be an A.I. using a top rated Charizard-based deck, and in this format, 2 prize and 3 prize Pokémon will be banned, along with the existing banned cards.


What do you guys think? 

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Hello Dkcpkmn,


Thank you for sharing your suggestion and feedback regarding in-game events! I have passed your comments along for further review. 

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