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Bosses Orders and Hammers

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Hi All,


I was wondering do we have any other defense against bosses orders apart from the three below?


Vibrava with its Obnoxious Whirring Ablity  only for its self

Articuno with its Blizzard Veil ability only for water

and Giovannies Exile great for getting rid of dedenne and crobat


Also same for the hammers (I am sure we would all be playing it if there was)


The tcg at the moment feeling like playing a game of Mario Brothers with so many hammers flying around!.



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Some other Pokemon have the same Ability as Vibrava.


Then there are Omastar 76 and Kabutops 78 from TEU which prevent the opponent from using Items and Supporter cards respectively.

Cryogonal UNM 46 prevents Items with its attack, Vikavolt-V DAA 060 does the same.

Psyduck's TEU 26 attack prevents Trainers on a coin flip.

Walrein CEC 52 prevents Trainers with its attack.

There also is Shiftry VIV 012 which effectively disables your opponent's Supporters.

Beheeyam's UNM 91 second attack prevents the opponent from playing Items, but shuffles itself into your deck.


Then there are also Gengar&Mimikyu-GX and Umbreon&Darkrai-GX which can prevent your opponent from using Boss/ Hammers for one turn once with their GX-Attacks.



There is probably some stuff I missed, so I'd be glad if someone could add to this list!

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Though it's not exactly a card, the popularity of Hammers and Boss's Orders in the format has changed some deck strategies. In particular, I'm referring to Green's Exploration decks, which run very few copies of Pokemon to limit the affect of Boss's Orders on the decks. For handling Hammers, decks with acceleration in the form of an ability/Trainer, like Metal Saucer, Intrepid Sword, Welder, etc. You can also "fight fire with fire" and run Hammers to try to slow down other decks with Hammers. This makes the matches rather reliant on RNG, but... it's not that bad given the lack of options at the moment. To add onto @OelBoy's list, Axew UNM is immune to Items and Supporters, keeping it safe from both Hammers and gusting.

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