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Looking For A Variety - Trade - Can You Help? Part 3


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Here's a list of the Pokemon cards (Pokemon and Trainer) that'd like to acquire atm. As time goes on and if any trades are made I will update the list to reflect what is/isn't wanted.


I'll trade whatever is marked "For Trade" in my in-game binder. In other words you pick what I get and what you get, simple.


Any questions feel free to send me a message in game, via this forum or post below. Thanks for reading and any consideration given.


Please note: I prefer to trade cards for cards however I will consider trading boosters.


Legacy Pokemon


  • 2x Smeargle with Portait 8/90 *


Legacy Trainer


  • 1x Computer Search 137/149
  • 1x Junk Arm 87/102
  • 2x Pokemon Collector 97/123


Standard/Expanded Pokemon


  • 1x Alolan Sandslash GX sm236
  • 1x Trevenant & Dusknoir GX Tag Team sm217


Standard/Expanded Trainer


* Quick note. I'am after any legacy Smeargle with Portait. I used 8/90 as an example only.

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