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Newbie in Pokemon CTG


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i have discovered this game just yesterday. 23 years old, used to watch pokemon some 10-15years ago - loved it. Had hundreds of the cards but sold them some time ago. Never knew the true rules of the game which i found just yesterday after so many years, lol. Anyway i remembered it, and wondered where there is some game/tv series worth spending time on.


Anyway, i was playing maybe 2-3 hours, got the flame deck for 7 wins in trainers challenge. Now i am wondering, whats should i do as a beginner? Try build some custom deck, grind all the trainers challenges (the theme decks seem not very good to me and i didnt find a way to change them, can they be changed?), do versus or something else? 


Any good tips and advice would i greatly appreciate, thx

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Here's my usual recommendation for someone who is more or less completely new to the Pokémon TCG:


  1. Do the Trainer Challenge.  This is where you learn some of the most basic rules of the game.
  2. Save your Tokens (Goal is 500).  For reasons I won't get into, the Theme Decks they start you with, while they used to be adequate, are now badly underpowered.  You'll need to buy a modern, competitive Theme Deck.
  3. Ask what Theme Decks to get.  The PTCGO has as Theme Format.  It has its own competitive scene, that changes over time.
  4. Get one of those Theme Decks that fits you.  You'll be using it a lot, so while you want to make sure it is good, it is okay to choose a slightly less good deck because it suits your tastes.
  5. Learn that deck, and slightly advanced strategies.  The Theme Format is slower paced, and Theme Decks cannot be altered.  This makes it great for learning, including anticipating an opponent's plays.
  6. Earn in game rewards, especially Tickets.  I mean, you may as well, since you're already playing trying to learn your deck, and as much about the other competitive decks as possible.
  7. Use Tickets to enter Theme Format tournaments.  They're under the Events tab.  They're "on demand", which means the game is just waiting for the queue of eight players to fill up to start one.  Finishing in 4th-place or higher earns at least one tradable booster pack.
  8. Tradable booster packs are money.  The short version is, that is how it evolved in the PTCGO. We cannot spend cash money to buy the cards we need, nor can you spend Tokens, Tickets, etc.  What you can do is trade unopened booster packs for the cards you want, which is far easier than finding someone who has Card X and will accept Card Y in trade.
  9. Don't open tradable booster packs.  Trade-locked ones you should open, but the ones you can trade, hold onto for trading.  Unless you value the experience of opening them so much it is worth setting yourself back in terms of trading fodder, or if you love the trading side of the game so much that spending hours and hours posting and re-posting the cards from the pack you don't need or want (which will probably be most or all of them) until you've traded them off.
  10. Repeat Steps 2 through 9 as needed.  Once you have enough cards for a decent Standard and/or Expanded Format deck, you can also use it and jump to Step 5.

If you need more details on the Theme Format, or the basics of trading effectively online, ask here or elsewhere.


Good luck!

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