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[CARD] Horror Energy not placing damage counters


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I was playing against a psychic deck, which was playing Horror Energy. I had an active Zamazenta V, and attacked with Assault Tackle to discard the Opponent's Horror Energy which was attached to a Gengar & Mimikyu Tag Team GX. I did not receive the two damage counters. 


As I understood the process, the effect of the opponent's cards should take place before my own, and so I should have received the damage counters prior to the energy being discarded. 


I have the game log saved if you need it.

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Not a bug.


From the Compendium:


Dangerous Energy   (Ancient Origins)

Q. If I use an attack that says to "discard an Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokemon" and I choose to discard their "Dangerous Energy" card, would I still receive the 2 damage counters from "Dangerous Energy" or not?
A. You would not receive the 2 damage counters. (Ancient Origins FAQ; Aug 13, 2015 TPCi Rules Team)


The interaction with Dangerous Energy is the same as in this case with Horror [P] Energy, so the same logic applies.

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Hello IceBeamTogetic,


Thank you for the helpful response with that ruling!


Mongoose-XIII, thank you for sharing this experience in-game. 

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To provide a bit of extra context for this ruling; damage and effects of an attack always resolve first and then you check for and resolve effects that occur after the attack completes. In this specific case, the order of operations for the attack was:

  1. Choose Assault Tackle.
  2. Calculate the damage for Assault Tackle.
  3. Apply the damage for Assault Tackle.
  4. Resolve the effect of Assault Tackle.
  5. Check for and resolve effects that happen after the attack completes.
  6. Resolve KOs.

Horror {P} Energy was discarded during Step 4, so it was no longer in play to be resolved during Step 5.

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