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[GENERAL] Other - This promotion has ended - codes TCG


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Years ago in 2013, I bought so many decks, tins and booster boxes and I kept all the codes of TCG in a shoes box for someday redeem at the TCG link. With time, I forgot or perhaps due to lazyness never inserted the codes. So, today, I have some time and because of covid, I'm finally coming back to the TCG game. I learned more about the online and I decided to check my shoes box and I found so many TCG booster codes and decks. I was so happy, I was already going to create lots of powerful decks with EX and VMAX. Anyways, I tried 2 now and they came with this message - This promotion has ended. I was not expecting this. Do you know if the codes have an expiration date? Since they are from the year 2013-2014, this might be a possibility. Anyways, I am quite sad now. Can I have a chance to get back them since I legitimately bought them? So, I have like 300 codes to get redeem but they are all from those years....


Thank you very much, 

Pokemon Center UK 

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