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Game got stuck, freeze and didn't allow me to do anything

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I was in a standard tournament, it was my turn,  i didn't noticed, and lost a turn... well ok, i was way ahead and gonna win anyway.
But then next turn.. the game got stuck, it didn't me allow to do anything.. nothing to choose, no options at all.
After 2 turns like that, suddently appeared "Lost" and i had all 6 prizes card left yet.

A few year ago, it had tournament that you could enter with tokens and the prizes was the tickets..now theses tournaments are gone.. hard to get tickets now...i'm very disappointed, 4 tickets throwed away..

My username is Flight19

thats the screenshot blob:******************************************************

I hope support can give me back the tickets.. with a bonus, because of this bug i lost the tickets, and also an easy win match! 

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