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New rewards in Trainer Challenge??


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Were the rewards updated at some point recently? I just did a few matches in Trainer Challenge, battling trainers I've already 4-starred with a deck I never used against them before. I got a pack each time I won, including matches after finishing a deck's "progress bar". For example, I used Wave Slasher against 5 trainers with the green bar on the pack at 9/12. The 3rd match got me 2 packs, whereas the first two gave me a pack each. The 4th and 5th also got me packs. All of these were new matchups for that deck, IE: they didn't have the green checkmark. Is this a normal thing going forward? I'll be able to get 36 packs  essay writer every time I buy a new theme deck?


To be clear, I want to ask this because while this FEELS like a feature, rather than a bug, I want to make sure it ISNT a bug before I open any of these packs. I don't want to get banned for getting a bunch of things via an unknown bug. I play Go and other things on this PTC account and I do NOT want to get banned from everything for something silly like this.


Dueled the same trainer with the same deck a second time, no prize. It seems like this is a new feature. Still waiting for confirmation. I'd rather not have to bug Pokemon TCG support, if someone could just direct me to where they made this change official. I'd love to drag other card-playing friends back into Pokemon by telling them how many free packs they can get. They'd be perfectly happy to play if this is a permanent change, as they'd likely be able to make the decks they want to. (and its balanced since the packs are all locked)

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