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Server Update | Nov. 24, 2020


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On November 24, 2020 the Pokémon TCG Online game server was updated with the following changes:


  • Aurora Energy (SSH #186): Moving Aurora Energy between 2 Pokémon and then returning it to the hand should no longer increase the number of cards that must be discarded to put it back into play.
  • Rayquaza (VIV #138): A player affected by the bonus effect of Altered Creation GX will now take 1 additional Prize card when Amazing Burst is used to Knock Out 1 of their opponent's Pokémon.
  • Rayquaza (VIV #138): Damage from Amazing Burst now triggers Whimsicott-GX's Fluffy Cotton Ability.
  • Recycle Energy (UNM #212, 257): Recycle Energy is now consistently returned to the hand when another copy of Recycle Energy is being discarded at the same time.
  • Shedinja (VIV #066): Shell Survival should no longer cause Shedinja to get stuck in the hand after using effects like Dedenne-GX's Dedechange or prevent cards from being drawn by effects like Crobat V's Dark Asset if it is the top card of the deck.
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