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Trading Random Cards For Packs


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Hey guys, I'm looking to trade any of these cards for packs. I know they're not all that great, just gimme a number of how many packs you think is reasonable for whatever cards you want.


Commons: 34 Total


Weedle 1x


Pansage BW 1x


Sewaddle NV 2x


Sewaddle EP 2x


Shelmet 2x


Sunkern 2x


Pineco 1x


Magmar 1x


Vulpix 1x


Magnemite 1x


Ducklett 1x


Solosis 1x


Natu 2x


Beldum (Psy) 1x


Cubone 1x


Mankey 1x


Roggenrola (Reck.) 3x


Timburr NV 1x


Onix (Bound. Pow.) 2x - 1x Holo


Purrloin EP 1x


Klink EP 1x


Aipom (Holo) 1x


Spearow 1x


Porygon 1x


Rufflet 1x


Teddiursa 1x


Uncommons: 17 Total


Metapod 1x


Swadloon NV 1x


Swadloon EP 3x


Weepinbell 1x


Heatmor 1x


Numel 1x


Grotle 1x


Marowak 1x


Boldore 2x


Krokorok EP 1x


Klang EP 1x


Metang (Steel) 2x


Dunsparce 1x


Trainers Uncommon: 9 Total


Cheerleader's Cheer 1x


Good Rod 1x


Great Ball 3x - 1x Holo


Interviewer's Questions 3x - 1x Holo


Poke Ball 1x


Rare: 8 Total


Butterfree 2x


Carnivine 1x


Ledian 1x


Leavanny EP (Trip. Cut.) 1x


Leavanny NV 2x Holo


Metagross (Steel) 1x


As I said I know they are not the best, but I am hoping to get rid of them if even for a few packs, in order to return a favor to someone who helped me more than i thought possible.


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