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Cannot install the game


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I have played the game on my last computer, but it broke (the computer not the game), once i got new computer i tried to download the game, which downloaded the installer i don't remember it doing that but sure. I was not able to install the game because following error message (i would attach file with screenshot but i can't):

Unable to access network location property.USER_PROFILE

i thought it was because i set up the location of the game to be download in my profile so i made it go somewhere else, which also didn't work.

please help


edit 1: I tried changing device language to English as mentioned here: https://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/43694-pc-propertyuser_profile-not-found-error/

Reinstalled  the game at least 3 times and still didn't work i will keep searching for clues and edit this post afterwards

for these who might me confused by that by reinstall i mean "forcefully remove from computer (by putting it in Recycle Bin and emptying it) and then download installer again"

edit 2:

methods mentioned here: https://support.pokemon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001058433-What-do-I-do-about-a-USER-PROFILE-error-in-the-Pokémon-Trading-Card-Game-Online-

method one says i should open installer and then find the folder where i installed the game problem is i cant install the game because of the error that site is trying to solve. Genious


method two says that i do bunch of difficult stuff to EXPLAIN (not to understand) including that if "repair" won't work (which didn't because quote "installer was not valid") i should hit "uninstall"(actual uninstall this time not using Recycle Bin) which i cant because the same error i cant install the game. Bravo, whoever did this


and i do not understand method three because i am not IT wizard




so i give up searching up for solutions your turn, Customer service

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