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If you could throw a Pokemon party right now . . .


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Hey, I'm curious, if you could throw a Pokemon themed party, whatever the reason, how would you do it?  Even if the reason is to say, celebrate the end of the pandemic, and certain laws are considered no longer necessary.  Along with what would the focus be?  Like say, would you do a like movie marathon, with snacks and other goodies to go for a movie theater theme?  Or even watch a few episodes of the anime?


Or say, maybe do your own little tournament, whether with the trading cards, or one of the video games, just doing your thing, what would it be?  Would you be breaking out the old stuff, and get people to play the games old school?


As for me, I don't know.  I might do maybe a card tournament, but try to see if people want to dust off cards from maybe the first two or three generations of Pokemon, and make decks that are generation specific.  Or maybe, like I suggested earlier, try to do a movie night with one of the first few movies, and go for a movie theater experience.  Like a big screen TV on the wall, popcorn and drinks, along with some other treats.

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