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A farewell from a pioneer.


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I'm a Level 33 player just about to turn 34, and I suddenly had this strong urge to quit.

I've played this game religiously since launch in [Third World country], and I never once had any other people play with me outside the time everyone did while it was still a fad.

In all these years, I've played alone,  omegle  xender  raided alone (up to 3 stars, but never more), and only had legendaries from research breakthroughs.

I've received gifts from time to time from friends who probably got bored in life, and visited the game for a fleeting moment before disappearing once again.

My buddy, a Porygon I caught in a chance trip to Singapore (which I named 'Changi' in honor of that INCREDIBLE airport I caught him in), has kept me company at least for the time being. (I probably should have fed him before taking this screenshot lol)

People who live the "true" Pokemon Go life - spinning thousands of stops in a vibrant, saturated map with countless module flowers dropping like a Japanese sakura field, and raiding and trading with other real-life people - I want to know your story.

Before I say goodbye for good, I want to know how happy this game has made you feel like it has mine... in its own bittersweet, unique way of course.

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