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When, in your opinion, did each series become good or bad ?

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OS - Rough around the edges in nearly all parts, but humour carried it till OI. Johto was when it became bad. MQ was somewhat good.

AG - Don't recall any instant where it was particularly great or bad(Before BF). Became excellent in Battle Frontier.

DP - Good since the start. Pacing issues were nearly everywhere. Tad bit bad in the year long gap between 7th and 8th gym but the chain of events there kept me interested.

BW - A good first season. Little bit rough in between. Hit a wall with mobdro kodi DA!

XY - Same as DP, good from the start. An stretch of average episodes in 11 - 16. Was great afterwards. Got a bit rocky after Goodra's release but got back before the 7th gym. The things happening made sure I wouldn't stop watching.

SM - Good in ep 1 - 10. Great in ep 11 - 21. After SM 21, it went downhill. Hit a wall so hard in Aether arc that I physically felt bad for watching. Never recovered after SM 22(Save for a few good episodes).

PJ/JN/SS/WTF - Bad from the start.

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