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Kartana (Unbroken Bonds) Deck Advice


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I’ve been trying out this build recently and I can’t say I’m overly happy with it yet. It feels like the core idea could work really well (Poisonous Puddle/Will/False Swipe for instant KO) but something just isn’t quite right yet.


Almost every time I play this deck I’m just struggling to get it running optimally and I’m not quite sure what the solution is, if any. I do feel like I probably have too many different trainer cards and could probably do will cutting a fair few and instead increasing quantities of what I do have.


Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Historically I’ve tended to run more straightforward beatdown decks, so this is fairly experimental territory for me.




4 x Kartana (Unbroken Bonds)

3 x Trubbish (Vivid Voltage)

3 x Garbodor (Rebel Clash)

2 x Cramorant V (Sword & Shield)


3 x Bede (Sword & Shield)

2 x Boss's Orders (Rebel Clash)

2 x Evolution Incense (Sword & Shield)

3 x Glimwood Tangle (Darkness Ablaze)

1 x Marnie (Sword & Shield)

2 x Ordinary Rod (Sword & Shield)

1 x Pal Pad (Sword & Shield)

3 x Piers (Darkness Ablaze)

3 x Pokémon Communication (Team Up)

1 x Professor's Research (Sword & Shield)

3 x Quick Ball (Sword & Shield)

1 x Skyla (Rebel Clash)

3 x Sonia (Rebel Clash)

2 x Switch (Sword & Shield)

4 x Will (Cosmic Eclipse)


10 x Grass Energy

4 x Twin Energy (Rebel Clash)

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Hmm, okay. I think your deck would benefit from having more Stadium cards as just 3 Stadiums isn't enough to necessarily guarantee being able to use Poisonous Puddle as often as you want. The main issue I see with the deck right now is not having a good way to accelerate energy into play after your Kartana gets Knocked Out. You run Bede, but your deck lacks a good pivot Pokemon which would make it more effective. I'd encourage you to run 2 Cleffa as a pivot Pokemon, to make it easier to play Bede to attach to Kartana. Your deck would also benefit from having more draw supporters, try to run a minimum of 7. You can cut Sonia, Skyla, 2-3 Grass Energy, and 1 Piers to get room.

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This will be a slow deck. The stark lack of draw supporters basically guarantee lack of constancy. I would definitely go with cleffas for added draw support and consider using dolls. Also I would rely a lot more on glimwood than will, though will is guarnteed you are losing your turns draw/extra energy attach to make a 3/4 chance guranteed. I would also replace bede with turbo patch as though it is less guranteed you can use more supports. Consider running kogas trap for poison, cut down on the grass energy a bit and you should have 4 research 4 marnie and 2-3 boss's orders in the deck.

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