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What are your opinions on the directions the Pokémon games are taking?


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I know I’m gonna sound like a “I miss the old days” poster but it’s something I’ve been thinking about.

Crystal was my first game, and I’ve played every game through Sun (so not Ultra Sun or the Let’s Gos). My favorite game, by a long shot, is Pearl. I love the story, the villains, the Pokémon they added, the region, and most of all the postgame. While the Battle Zone is smallish, it’s so dense in terms of content. And even just Battle Tower is a blast; Platinum adds a whole Frontier. DPP has, IMO, the hardest E4 (tied with FRLG) and is one of the last ones that’s truly challenging. VidMate

MobdroWhile BW(2) is challenging, it’s difficult in a different way. The scaled exp makes grinding not worth the effort, so it makes the game more tactical but it also means that if you fall behind, you’re gonna have a hard time catching up to the game.

XY is so easy that it’s almost not even fun. With tons of ways to get bonus exp, exp share hitting all pokes in your party, and Super Training removing the importance of EV training, it felt to me like they stripped away a lot of what made Pokémon games fun. Let’s just disregard how megas (and subsequently Z moves) completely shifted the dynamics of competitive (largely for the worse imo).

Now, from what I here, Let’s Go doesn’t even have you fight wild Pokémon. You can raise stats with candies, removing the necessity to train. While I can see why people like that they removed some of the RNG aspect of finding a Pokémon you like, I think ORAS with the radar mechanic did it better. Being able to upgrade the radar gives an incentive to catch lots of Pokémon but it’s far from essential to get the most out of the games.

I’m worried that Pokémon games have just become so easy in an effort to target younger audiences that they’re leaving behind a lot of what made them great. The idea that you had to spend a while grinding before you could finally beat a gym leader or the E4 made that victory sweet. Now you can one-shot the Champion’s best pokemon with a Z move or a 4x weakness. It’s not like kids didn’t like the difficulty of it back then, since many of us were 8-15 when we played the early gens. I think that if they don’t start ramping up the difficulty or provide options to change difficulty or trainer AI, I’ll probably stop playing Pokémon. And I rue the day they’ll remake DPP because I feel like they’re ******* it. Beyond that, each game has a new gimmick that’s going to shift the paradigm and they’ll eventually just phase out. They tried to phase out megas literally the gen after they introduced them, we’ll see if Z Moves stick around long too.

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