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Coalossal VMAX deck


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Fun Coalossal VMAX deck I threw together. The goal of this deck is to be able to 2 shot vmaxes by turn 3 by having 130 damage put on them with Coalossal VMAX’s first attack, then using G-Max Boulder to get the KO. Feedback would be appreciated.


Pokemon - 15

1 Galarian Sirfech’d V

3 Coalossal V

3 Coalossal VMAX

1 Dedenne GX

1 Crobat V

2 Jirachi Amazing Rare

2 Oranguru

1 Eldegoss V

1 Galarian Zigzagoon


Trainers - 34

4 Rotom Phone

4 Quick Ball

3 Pokemon Communication

2 Energy Spinner

3 Scoop Up Net

4 Switch

2 Martial Arts Dojo

4 Professor’s Research

3 Marnie

2 Boss’s Orders

1 Bea 

1 U-Turn Board

1 Energy Retrieval


Energy - 11

3 Stone [F] Energy

8 Fighting Energy


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For this deck, Rotom Phone really isn't necessary. Oranguru SSH will get the job done just as well, if not better almost every time as will Jirachi VIV. To boost consistency, run more ways to pull energy out of your deck, it may be worth messing with a Viridian Forest build.

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I personally like the heavy Rotom Phone line. It isn't just for putting Energy on the top for the discard effect, you can put something else on top that you need then switch it with an Energy in your hand with Primate Wisdom. You can also turn Jirachi Amz into a Stellar-Wish-for-any-card-you-like effect. Being able to use a supporter to dig then digging 5 more cards for the one card you missed is pretty good in my eyes.


As for the deck, looks pretty good. I haven't tested with Coalossal Vmax at all so my advice is test it out, see what needs changes then improve the deck. Theorizing can only get you so far.


Hope this helps! Good luck!

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