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Why Riolu getting more *************** the other pokemon makes sense. (Game-Wise)


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One of the biggest criticisms in the new Pokemon anime is the fact that Riolu has been getting way more *************** Ash's pokemon: Gengar, Dragonite and especially Far-fetched. And now, in the next episode, Ash's Riolu is expected to evolve along with Raboot.

However, if we were to apply game-mechanics to this, Riolu getting more screentime comes across as more justifiable.

According to the games, to evolve a Riolu the player neo increase the pokemo  SHAREit  friendship to a high level, while also leveling it up during the day.

In order to increase friendship, the player would require to use it more frequently in their party and make it win a lot of battles, this while also raising it, using items on it, and basically grooming it until the level of happiness is reached.

Now if we look at Riolu from the anime, we can see some similar aspects, Ash uses Riolu in a lot of battles and has been given more screentime out of his pokeball which could suggest Riolu is in the lead of Ash's party.

Adding this all up, it does make sense why Riolu is receiving all this screentime (to reach that level of friendship) however this was never explained in the anime and Ash never explicitly stated he was using Riolu more to increase its friendship. So, in no way am I defending this, but I do think that if game-logic was applied here, it would make Riolu's abundance in screentime make some sense.

What do you think? 

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