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2.75 Patch Notes | Nov. 10, 2020


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On November 10, 2020 the Pokémon TCG Online was updated to version 2.75. Changes in this version include:


  • Added support for the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage expansion. This expansion will be available in the game for code redemption on November 12 and in the Shop on November 13. Sword & Shield—Vivid Voltage will be legal for use in tournaments starting November 27.
  • Barraskewda (RCL #053): Spiral Jet now does the correct amount of damage.
  • Charizard (EVO #11): Energy Burn now affects Energy that is already in play when Charizard is put into play.
  • Hydreigon (NVI #79, NXD #103): Dark Aura now affects Energy that is already in play when Hydreigon is put into play.
  • Pokémon Research Lab (UNM #205): This card's effect can now be used by both players.
  • Suspicious Food Tin (CPA #066, 080): The first sentence of this card's text is no longer translated awkwardly on the Spanish card image.
  • Fixed an issue that sporadically allowed 2 Supporter cards to be played from the hand on the same turn without the effect of another card.
  • Cards with the Rare Holo V and Rare Holo VMAX rarity should now appear when the Rare Holo filter is enabled in the Pokémon tab of the Collection, Deck Manager, and Trade screens.
  • While creating a new private trade offer, choosing a partner from the prepopulated list in the Friends or Public tabs before using the search box to find and choose a different partner should no longer result in the trade offer being created for the partner originally chosen from the prepopulated list.
  • Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze and Champion's Path should now in the list of Complete Sets in the Collection Stats tab when at least 1 copy of every non-secret card from that set is owned.
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