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What PokeBall is the best for catching lvl 45-100 Pokemon


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Note: I will be excluding these balls

  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Fast Ball
  • Master Ball

Hello again, srry I have not been posting that much lately, covid, famliy and school has been blocking me from doing this, but I have a question, What pokeball is the best for lvl 45-100 Pkmn, as I have been trying to catch Lvl 45 Raichu and Pikachu

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Dusk Ball in raids/ at night/ in caves

Net Ball for Bug and Water Pokemon

Repeat Ball (when already owning a Pomemkn of the species)

Level Ball once your Pokemon's level is at least double that of the Pokemon you're trying to catch (if it's at least quadruple the level it's the best ball besides Master Ball)

Moon Ball when applicable (doesn't work in Gen 2 due to a bug)

Timer Ball when the fight takes longer than 9 rounds (post-BW)

Beast Ball when catching Ultra Beasts



Honorable mentions: Friend ball and Luxury Ball when you plan on maximizing happiness. In the newer gens it's really easy without one, back in the days pre-BW they really came in handy.

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