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Looking for Official ruling on the move "Shred" for 2020 Expanded Format


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Long time fan of Dragon Pokémon. And when I decided to get back into Pokémon TCG in the middle of Sun & Moon expansions, I found Dragon Pokémon had at least one super meta thing going for them; that dang Shred attack. Hardly any other type of Pokémon has a move like it. I was playing a friendly match IRL with a good friend, who looks forward to hosting expanded tournaments in the future. He was playing a very well made Whimsicott GX deck against my own decent ADP deck, which happens to include 2 of the metal type Dialga GX. You might know that Dialga GX has the move Shred.



What I am interested in is getting a ruling on whether the move "Shred" will still bypass Abilities such as Alolan Ninetails with Luminous Barrier, as well as Whimsicott GX with Fluffy Cotton ability.


My friend and I agreed on Shred bypassing "effects" of attacks, such as Lucario & Melmetal TAG TEAM GX with Full Metal Wall and Scizor Vmax with Hard Scissors.

But we seam divided on the current ruling, whereas my friend says that Shred and moves like it are now applied more to the effects of attacks rather than abilities.

 I am still under the impression that the wording of Shred is more broad than just "effects" limited to just that of attacks, since the wording makes no distinction between "attacks" or "abilities."


For reference sake, here is the verbatim wording on all English versions of Dialga GX


"This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's active Pokémon."


Does this apply to Whinsicott's ability as well as Alolan Ninetail's ability?

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Shred will bypass abilities such as alolan ninetale's and decidueye's. However, it will not bypass abilities such as bus vileplume's, as it isn't an effect onto itsef. I'm not sure about whimscott though, but I think not. 

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Resistance is not what I am asking about. Whimsicott's ability is worded as such "If any damage is done to this Pokémon by attacks, flip a coin. If heads, prevent that damage."


Then reading the description of Shred again, "This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's active Pokémon."


It seems to me that Whimsicott GX's ability certainly applies as an "effect" on that particular Pokémon. By the way it is worded, I do not see how anyone could see it otherwise than something that "affects" damage. The ability applies to "any damage" just as much as Alolan Ninetails ability applies to "all effects of attacks, including damage."


I honestly do not see why Shred's bypass of affects would apply to only one or the other, and not both. 😕

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Furthermore. I think I have found the answer I am looking for.




The first entry. Ability is defined as an "effect on a Pokémon that is not an attack."


Shred says it's damage is not "affected by any effects on the opponent's active Pokémon."


Whimsicott's ability affects all damage it receive's from attacks, and the effect is on the Pokémon itself.


If it is defined as a "duck," I wager it must be a "duck." And by my analogy and the wording of the Shred attack, it is not affected by any "ducks."


Therefore based on this, I remain convinced that Shred can and should by all means bypass Whimsicott GX's Fluffy Cotton ability.

For my friend's sake, I suppose I could remain open to other arguments. Yet this seems fairly air-tight to me.

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You found your answer yourself, but just to double confirm (from the rules text of Reshiram & Charizard GX who also have "this attack'S damage isn'T affected by effects on the defending Pokemon"):

Double Blaze GX   (Reshiram & Charizard GX - Unbroken Bonds)


Q. If Reshiram & Charizard GX has the extra 3 Fire Energy for "Double Blaze GX's" bonus effect and attacks a Whimsicott GX with "Fluffy Cotton" Ability, does the Whimsicott GX get to flip for "Fluffy Cotton" or does the "Double Blaze GX" attack go through automatically?
A. Technically speaking you still flip for Fluffy Cotton, but regardless of the flip's outcome the Double Blaze GX attack ignores the effect and does the damage anyway. (Jun 27, 2019 TPCi Rules Team)
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