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asking if my vespiquen deck is good


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hi i made this deck in expanded (i like 1 prizer decks)

id like some feedback (and maybe some ideas for the future version)



here is the list




4 vespiquen AOR

4 combee AOR

1 pheromosa FLI

4 unown AOR

1 duskull CEC

1 mimikyu CEC

1 mew UNB

2 octillery BKT

2 remoraid PLB

1 empoleon DEX

1 zangoose CEC

1 kangaskhan DAA

1 tapu koko SM30

1 sudowoodo BKB

1 goomy FLI




4 ultra ball FCO

4 vs seeker PHF

4 battle compressor PHF

2 special charge STS

1 max potion GRI

1 choice band GRI

1 rescue stretcher GRI

1 field blower GRI

1 great catcher CEC

1 poké nav CES

3 professor sycamore PHF


1 guzma BUS

1 teammates PRC

1 Archie' Ace in the hole PRC

1 rose tower DAA




4 double colorless energy FCO

1 counter energy CIN


thats it for the list 


thank you if you took your time to anwser me 

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I think Vespiquen could be viable with counter energy attackers like Sudowoodo BKP (Not sure if that's the one you already have there), Mimikyu GRI, Mimikyu TEU and Sableye V as well as the general counters like Mimikyu CEC, Mr. Mime TEU and more.


I would bump up the Counter Energy and play some Shaymin EX (Depending on bans today) for extreme digging to get the pieces you need. Weird cards like Max Potion, Rose Tower, Poke Nav and Archie/Empoleon aren't worth playing. Turn it into a counter box with Vespiquen to hit hard in any circumstances.


Good luck!

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Yes! That would work very well! You could also play Ultra Necrozma CEC as a late game attacker or another attacker for the Ultra Necrozma match up.

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If you go down the ADP and DDE route, I'd encourage you to run 1 Guzma and Hala for more consistency, or perhaps 1 Piers to find your energy. It would probably be easiest to swap out the Archie's Ace in the Hole or the Pokenav to get room for this. If you opt for a more ADP-centered build, I'd try to change the deck to include 3-4 Tag Call to increase consistency. Also, run a Float Stone or two to make it easier to move your Active Pokemon.

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Too much pokémon, low amount of trainers? Didn't check every single pokémon but...


Missing more stadiums.


PLF Flareon was a partner of Vespiquen in past times. Also Night marchers fit in the mix.

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