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Returning player. Need lots of newer cards.


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My oldest son and I played Pokemon for a few years around 2015. I have most of the cards from B&W through Ancient Origins. One of my younger sons now wants to play Pokemon.


Right now, I am mostly looking for staples. Below is what I have figured out. I did a detailed review on Supporters, but nothing else.


Feel free to mention other staple Pokemon or Trainers that I should get. For better recommendations, I mostly played single prize card teams: Flareon, Night March, & Medicham. I expect that we will mostly play the Expanded format for a while.


Looking for:


2 Buzzwole FLI  
2 Dedenne GX UNB 195a
1 Diancie Prism Star FBL 74
1 Ditto Prism Star  
2 Eldegoss V RCL 19
2 Marshadow SLG 45
2 Mew UNB 76
2 Mewtwo UNB 75
2 Oranguru SUM 113
2 Seviper BUS  
2 Sudowoodo GRI  
1 Tapu Koko Prism Star TEU 51
2 Tapu Lele-GX  
1 Shiny Celebi SM 79


2 Bird Keeper
1 Brigette
2 Crasher Wake
4 Cynthia
2 Cynthia & Caitlin
2 Delingquent
1 Giovanni's Exile
1 Gladion
2 Green's Exploration
2 Guzma
4 Jessie & James
2 Lady
1 Lance Prism Star
4 Lillie
1 Lt. Surge's Strategy
2 Ninja Boy
2 Pokemon Breeder's Nurturing
4 Professor Kukui
2 Roxie
4 Welder


4 Counter Catcher
4 Energy Recycle System
4 Great Catcher
4 Lillie's Poke Doll
2 Nest Ball
4 Quick Ball
4 Reset Stamp
4 Scoop Up Net
4 Tag Call


3 Chaotic Swell
3 Power Plant
2 Shrine of Punishment
3 Marial Arts Dojo


4 Big Charm
3 Bodybuilding Dumbells
3 Cape of Toughness
3 Choice Band
3 Fighting Fury Belt


Willing to trade for what I already own:

I don't have packs. I have the majority of the cards from B&W and Ancient Origins (including Ace Specs, EXs, and FA). Let me know what you are interested in from that time period and what you have to offer. If you prefer, I can trade what I have for packs and use those to get what I am looking for.


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