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help with tyranitar prime deck


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Strategy, cause nice damage for one energy card with tyranitar and spam max potions and scoop ups


use shaymin to save that 1 vaulable energy card and move 3 more energy cards to tyranitar when needed.


use zoruark for setup and backup attacking








Tyranitar prime's first attack got me pretty interested


Especially with DARK RUSH upcoming.


So i'm considering working towards a deck like this








Basic Pokemon(11)




4 larvitar ; 4 zoura ; 1 unown(dark);2 shaymin


Stage 1(4)




2 pupitar;2 zourark


Stage 2(3)




3 tyranitar prime


(or is it 3 mamoswines?)








4 dark(specail):2 DC;3 dark(basic);2 rescue;




TRAINERS(the tricky part)






4 super scoop up


4 junk arm


4 max potion


3 pokemon catcher


3 Pcom


2 rare candy






4 professor oak NT


4 twins


2 pokemon collector


1 professor juniper








The problem is I cannot tell how well a deck like this would perform


or if i can use different pokemon with tyranitar.








Any help and thought's are appreciated


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