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What are these 'booster credits'?


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I just redeemed about 14 pokemon 'booster credits' and got a load of cards in their... 'shop'






are these virtual cards? if so how do i obtain them?




thanks for reading :D


-newbie BlaBlaRothSheepz


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Hey Trainer!


For more info check out Prof_Steel's comprehensive Code Redemption FAQ. Basically, you now need to go into the deckbuilder to access these cards so you can use them to build a deck!


Welcome to the TCGO!




P.S. Please refrain from asking for free codes via the chat/forums. It's against the rules!




Prof. Capybara


Vespa Woman



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How come when I bought a tin for my kids not one out of 4 booster has an online code? It was booster for B&W. Since the theme decks has online code why those doesn't have one in the booster? Are those booster still too old?! Which tin can I tell that has online code?


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Some of the original Black and White tins came out a bit before the release of the TCGO and thus may not have been released with code cards in them. You can always be sure of a product containing a code card because it will be specially marked on the package saying "This package contains a code for use in the TCG Online." Sorry for any confusion!



Prof Proto


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