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Are these cards possible to obtain? Burning Shadows promos(?)


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Hi! First time poster here!

I got into the trading card game online not too long ago and decided I wanted to attempt to get a master set for Burning Shadows in the TCG Online. I'm pretty close actually, I'm only missing about 40 cards over all. The part that's going to be difficult will be the promos, many of which aren't available in stores anymore. There's a few that I'm not sure if it's even possible to obtain anymore. If you have any info on these cards (If they're available, how they were available, if you have one for trade, anything), please let me know, I'm interested in getting them if they're possible to get.


Yellow A Cards:

18a Charmander- I know in the US these came in General Mills cereal box packs, but those didn't have codes with them. How do you get this in game?

39a Tapu Fini

92a Kirlia

105a Porygon-Z

116a Kiawe


Also how do you get the Pokemon League stamped cards?

87 Darkrai

94 Diancie

100 Zygarde

116a Kiawe (also an A card I'm missing)

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