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Help with Water Deck


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This is my current deck, I am looking for some cards to make it better, I know I need more capacious buckets. If anyone has some ideas on what makes a good water deck, I'm willing to trade. I also have some coins saved up and was going to buy some packs but wondering which season would be the best. any suggestions welcome!









1-Inteleon V

1-Inteleon VMAX

1-eldegoss V



1-nest ball

2-great ball

3-professors letter

1-crushing hammer

1-rescue stretcher

1-timer ball

4-dive ball

1-capacious bucket

2-rough seas

1-mallow & lana

1-pokemon center lady





1-kogas trap

1-bird keeper

1-professor kuki

1-weakness policy

1-cape of toughness



2-capture energy

2-splash energy

12-water energy


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Don't worry about adding more Capacious Bucket, you have Professor's Letter and it serves the same effect. It's your primary means of energy acceleration, so it should be in the deck as at least a 2-2 line. You can also run 4 Aqua Patch instead of the Frosmoth line to provide energy acceleration. Center down on a couple Supporter cards to use as 4 ofs, when you're starting out, shuffle-draw Supporters like Cynthia or Shauna are the best. Run 3-4 Rare Candy to help get Inteleon into play, or run at least a 4-4-3 line of Inteleon.

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I would definitely look into getting more 4's of your supporters. Also I would definitely suggest more of Inteleon V and VMAX. Running only 1 of each of those can really cost you the game, especially if they're just both prized at the start. Since snom/frosmoth is the best means of energy acceleration in the current meta for water decks, I personally would run more of those too, also adding evolution incense as a trainer to help you find frosmoth or inteleon VMAX more easily.

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