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Champion's Path Expansion Availability Timeline


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The schedule below outlines the timeline for when the new Champion's Path expansion will become available in the game.


Friday, Sep. 25, 2020

  • 09:45 PDT (16:45 UTC) - Champion's Path expansion cards and booster packs become visible in the game.
  • 10:00 PDT (17:00 UTC) - Code cards from Champion's Path booster packs can be redeemed. Champion's Path cards can be used in Versus and Trainer Challenge.


Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020

  • 17:00 PDT (Aug. 28, 2020 00:00 UTC) - Champion's Path cards can be used in Tournaments.


As with other previously released special expansions, such as Dragon Majesty and Hidden FatesChampion's Path booster packs will not be available in the in-game Shop for Trainer Tokens, or as gameplay rewards in Tournaments, Versus, or any other game mode.

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