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Pokemon MMORPG: It's Own Thing


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Hey, folks, with all of the new ground that Pokemon has been breaking through lately, from Pokemon Go to Detective Pikachu movie, possibilities are proving to be endless.  Yet the one thing a lot of people are waiting on is an official MMORPG, with a few that would like it to include a VR feature.  Although that would require some kind of clock that would close itself in order to keep the player from overplaying it, along with maybe a lock feature to keep them out for an hour or two in order to take a mandatory break.


Anyway, back to the MMO, chances are, if Nintendo does give the okay for an official one to be made, chances are it would have to be a separate branch of the Pokemon franchise.  Along with either GameFreak making a separate department that focuses solely on creating it, the expansions (if there are any), along with keeping it running, or hire a third party that is willing to put in the effort.  Another thing is, how many devices would it be played on, along with connectivity.  Like if it came out for both the PC and Switch, would they be separate or connected in some sort of way, with the smartphone being a bit of a go between.  Pokemon Home being questionable at most.


A few other possibilities to consider is the fact that the MMORPG would be taking place in a completely separate world, introducing a whole bunch of new regions to go alongside the ones that have already been introduced.  Along with taking a few elements from each game, like mega evolution and dynamax, it would also include things that would make it unique from them.  One thing that would be questionable are the devices that comes out during each generation, like the PokeGear, PokeNav and PokeTch.  Like would you be getting a device that is unique only in your region, and just that device?  Or would you be allowed to add to it when you start traveling around in a new region.


When you start your travels, well they have you pick a *********** focus?  Such as being allowed to chose to be just a trainer, coordinator, breeder, researcher, along with some secondary skills like first aid and cooking?  Well the game be more real world like, to where instead of a bottomless backpack, there are limitations to how much you can carry.  Along with the pokemon you travel with, if they faint in a battle, but isn't life-threatening, you get the option of just letting them rest for a certain amount time before they can be battle worthy?  Well any of your pokemon, buddy or not, double as transportation, like being able to fly at your own pace?


Well the pokemon you see while traveling be a bit more lifelike, like how you would see them on Pokemon Snap, or the Pokemon Camp feature on Sword and Shield?  Well the legendary pokemon be seen occasionally, even popping in for a once out of the blue encounter?


Finally, would the game include references from other parts of the franchise.  Like make it where you can collect trading cards, just for collect, or gaining some sort of bonus stats.  Or use storylines from say, Pokemon Adventures, as a side quest.  Even have moments where they bring in characters from the VG or Anime, you get to encounter along the way.


Well, this is all I can think up for right now.  If I missed anything, or if there is something you would like to add, knock yourself out.  Right now, all of this stuff is just theoretical at the moment.

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